The model for Cloud 9 doggy daycare was developed after visiting many boarding & daycare facilities throughout British Columbia.  I wanted a place my dogs could become familiar with on a daycare basis and be content during overnight stays; to know that the good training provided at home would be reinforced.

"Cloud 9 Doggy Daycare was established to meet the special needs of small dogs and their guardians - like me."

Rachelle is comfortable with all sizes and types of dogs; she has been guardian and trainer to hundreds over the years. Rachelle has a special way of understanding each dog's needs, recognizes temperaments and, with a loving firm hand, is able to put the appropriate training into practice.

Rachelle is a canine specialist: an accredited Canine Master Trainer with additional certification in CKC Obedience and Kennel Management.  With over twenty years middle-management experience working in both private and non-profit sectors; Rachelle is perfectly equipped to operate and provide the level of service the community has come to expect with Cloud 9 doggy daycare.


Okanagan Canine Training Services; a successful school of learning - is operated in partnership with Cloud 9 doggy daycare...


Rachelle oversees the daycare dogs, facilitates activities and reinforces previous training. She also offers one-on-one and group training sessions, as well as assessing and addressing behavioral issues. Rachelle offers recreational agility classes.


Rachelle's fur family consists of "Liebe", a ten+ year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross and PeeWee an apple head Chihuahua.  Liebe is a veteran! Back in 2011, at 2 yrs old; she completed CKC Advanced level of Obedience, Agility, Utility, Scent Detection, Narcotics Detection, Agitation and Tracking and is still a great help at the daycare.

Early in 2012; Rachelle rescued PeeWee who was 6 at the time. Now he is a senior who is blind and deaf, however you sure know when he wants attention or his treats!!


A Place to Learn & Grow

Rachelle and her team have been involved with our dogs care since he was 4 months old. Rachelle has had a pivotal role in his training as well as ours, we would not have the same dog without her help.


Her business caters to small dogs and she works closely with dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and behavioral issues. She is honest, to the point and we strongly believe in her methods and her team; they do a wonderful job. If you are looking for a place where your dog can learn and grow, bring them to Cloud 9 Doggy Daycare.

— Melissa and Emil Kalocsai